• There will be number of time you as pilgrim will be tested by Allah during your course of Hajj. It will be pity if you don’t try to be successful in those tests.
  • It might be in the bus where you got the seat and comparatively elder person standing without seat, It might be a time when you secure a little larger place in the tent of Mina or Arafat but a brother/sister is looking for a place to even just sit in the tent without having a proper place, or even your hotel where you have been allocated a room which you don’t like it.
  • Please be advised that we will be in Holy Land for worship not on leisure trip. Every thing will be temporary and no one will stay anywhere permanent. So why make fuss for all that when we are on the move most of the time. I have seen some pilgrims expect similar type of lifestyle as they were living in their home country.
  • It is almost impossible to meet the expectation of every body. One thing absolutely has to be remembered all the time to be humble and courteous. Do not blame every time someone for any hardship, be remember it might be a test from Allah. Try to sacrifice your rights over other brother/sister.
  • Try to cash out most of the rewards during this very short span of time. The pilgrims should keep in mind that he set out on the journey of pilgrimage in obedience for Allah, leaving behind comfort, luxury and pleasure. He should be certain that his reward will be in proportion to his endurance of the rites and restrictions of Hajj. He should show the utmost selflessness, self-denial, and human compassion.
  • He should think about others and try to give up some of his needs for their sake. He should adapt himself to sleep anywhere and eat simple food. He should be fully aware that he is about to change his entire lifestyle.
  • He should be ready to sleep on the hard ground on simple bedding. He should expect to suffer stifling heat and chilling cold. He should expect a change in the time of his daily meals. He might eat earlier or later than he is in the habit of.
  • He might find a cup of tea or coffee and he might not. He might find someone to help and serve him and he might not. He should expect the worse and should not upset others with his complaints, obscene language and grievances.
  • I warn pilgrims against these slips because I have seen people who return home worse than they were before. Both their sins and enemies increased. Their only achievement was their success to breed animosity with others and force.