• Almost all the pilgrim bring dates and ZAM ZAM water with them along with other food.
  • It is strongly recommend that if you bring the dates. They should be in commercially packed packaging. Loose date will not be entered into the country and will be thrown by Australian Customs becasue of Quarantine conditions. Many date shops around Masjad Nabwai (Salalaho Aliahi Waslam) supply commercailly packed dates.
  • ZAM ZAM water can be brought without any restrications but it is recommended that water container should be strong. I have seen at Australian airport where pilgrim received their ZAM ZAM water empty. The bottle got demage or cracked during the boarding and whole water is leaked. I always buy extra strong bottle which is only one or two Riyal costly than the ordinary bottle. I also recommend to do plastic bag wapping at the Jeddah air port before coming home. There are few machines at the airport where you can wrap your luggage or water bottle & it is not very expensive.
  • Many pilgrims like to bring Miswaq (tree branches for teeth cleaning). I had expericen where I brought and declare on my Australian Custom form and those Miswaqs were take away because of strick Australia Quarantine rules.
  • As a matter of fact we should follow the country’s rules and should not argu at the air port with the authorities over the clearance of some foods which you brought and is not allowed to bring. Since we came back after performing very sacred & worthy duties. We should have been new & better individual. We should show full cooperation and compassion to other & respect the others rights and obey the rules.
  • Doing Shopping: I normally don’t do shopping in a great deal when I go for Hajj. It is logical that we are not there for shopping trip. But you might have to bring some Sajaada, Tasbi alike present for the friend and families. If I have to do some small shopping I do it in Medina. Most of the Shop keepers in Medina are soft hearted and do fair bit of bargaining. Further more there is more variety of merchandise in the Medina markets than Mecca.